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This section of the Friends of Darlington Railway Museum website is devoted to Dovetail Games' Train Simulator. It is not a technical forum or a market-place and (disclaimer bit) it is not part of, contributed to or overseen by Dovetail Games or Valve Corporation which distributes Train Simulator and additional content through its Steam website. Apart from Dovetail Games' generous provision of some copies of Train Simulator neither company has any association with the Friends or Darlington Railway Centre and Museum and these pages do not imply any approval or endorsement of this site, the Friends or the Museum on their part. Similarly, although the information and links here are listed in good faith, the Friends of Darlington Railway Museum does not exert any influence over Dovetail Games, Valve Corporation or their websites. Neither the Friends nor Darlington Railway Centre and Museum is responsible for another site's content or any shortcomings in such matters as presentation or security. Phew.

These pages exist because Dovetail Games had a stand at Locomotion (The National Railway Museum annexe in Shildon, County Durham) in 2015 where they were demonstrating an edition of Train Simulator featuring the Weardale and Teesdale Network in the '60s add-on. This includes the line from Darlington to Bishop Auckland and beyond which is particularly interesting to rail enthusiasts, especially in this area, because it is the western section of the original Stockton and Darlington Railway main line widely regarded as the world's first modern railway. It also passes Darlington North Road Station- now Darlington Railway Museum, a.k.a. Head of Steam, not to mention Locomotion of course.

At Locomotion promotional copies of Train Simulator were given away. Your Web-Master/Newsletter Editor has rather shied away from train sim's in the past fearing that, as a tech' enthusiast for well over thirty years and rail enthusiast for even longer, a combination of computers and trains might prevent me from ever getting anything done again but the freebie was too great a temptation. Dovetail Games also provided some copies of Train Simulator, including Weardale and Teesdale, for members of the Friends for which particular thanks must go to Derek Siddle, Dovetail's Head of Content, who made all the arrangements.

Train Simulator 2016 and the Weardale and Teesdale Network add-on was described in the Winter 2016 Newsletter of the Friends and that write-up forms the basis of the description in these pages. You will also find the offer which is available to the Friends of Darlington Railway Museum only. Dovetail Games website may be found here.

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